Hamhu Garbage Can Without Lid Blue Bamboo 6L - B076BG32VC

Hamhu Garbage Can Without Lid Blue Bamboo 6L - B076BG32VC

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Product Code: B076BG32VC
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  • The bottom heightening thickening design work exquisite safety environmental protection health craft meticulous application in the bathroom kitchen balcony office and so on many places to let the space neater.

  • Whether it is living room, bedroom, study, kitchen or bathroom, is your good choice.

  • Garbage cans wear a ring, garbage bag is not easy to slip, easy to clean, with high toughness and anti-aging features convenient use, more durable.

  • Waterproof, deodorant, mildew, to create a comfortable home environment good quality is our eternal pursuit.

  • Anti-pressure good anti-bacterial good at ease of use, if you have comments and questions please contact us, please click on our shop to find more styles.

  • Colour:Blue bamboo 6L

    Color: blue bamboo 6L, lightning pattern 6L, white peony auspicious clouds 6L, 6L, garden flower 6L, black alligator 12L, stone 6L, black alligator 6L, orchid 6L, peony 12L, double G12L, blossoming 6L, Lily 6L, Lily 12L, 12L white lightning lines, auspicious clouds 12L 12L, double G6L, orchid, blossoming flower garden 12L, 12L, 12L stone, plum flower 6L, plum flower 12L
    Bin type: receiving bucket
    Application setting: home use
    Capacity: 6L
    Case material: leather
    Shape: long tube shape
    Opening and closing: no cover

    Hamhu Garbage Can Without Lid Blue Bamboo 6L - B076BG32VC

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